College Adimissions Assistance Workshop

There is no cost for attending the workshop or the personal interview. Additional services are made available to those students and families needing our assistance.
You can expect an explanation of the critical steps and decisions made in each grade of high school in order to have a meaningful, successful college experience that will prepare your student for their unique purpose in life. Our belief is that if you understand the connection between the decisions made early in high school and their effect on the college selection, admissions and financial aid process, you can make better decisions. Wise decisions today lead to a dream college experience tomorrow.
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Yes, students in the 8th grade or later should attend. Colleges now market to students in the later years of middle school. The curriculum selected in the 8th grade is a decision that could affect future college selection and possible merit aid opportunities.
We welcome all family members in need of this educational experience starting with middle school children on up. Both parents in the household should attend. Legal guardians, grandparents and others involved in the student’s success are welcome as well. While college may be second only to your home in terms of dollar investment, it is the single most important investment to your student in terms of life long career happiness and future earnings. We encourage all parental figures in the student’s life to be there.
Our mission is your student’s vision. At Right C3, we know that each student has a unique purpose in life. Our purpose is to help students discover the vision for themselves and work that vision into a high school and college experience that gives them the best start in life. We help to uncover your student’s passion and match this with growing industries where the jobs of the future will be found. On a practical level, we help parents manage the college experience for their student(s) in a manner that works for their family’s financial situation. Our management team has worked together throughout the past ten years helping thousands of families throughout the college process. We have recently combined the latest in technology with our caring coaching staff to provide our student families the optimal, personalized, college-planning experience.
The workshop and personal interview should take approximately 90 minutes. Still, we recommend you allow up to two hours since other factors can influence the time necessary to complete the interview.
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